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Buck Owens — Your Tender Loving Care [Vintage Vinyl]

Buck Owens — Your Tender Loving Care [Vintage Vinyl]

Buck Owens And His Buckaroos

Your Tender Loving Care [Vintage Vinyl]

Release date: August 7, 1967



Vintage Buck Owens vinyl direct Buck’s vault!

Available while supplies last, original vintage LP pressing of Your Tender Loving Care. Direct from the vaults at the Crystal Palace, this sealed LP is from Buck’s original stock. Each record includes a certificate of authenticity.

Please note: As this is a sealed, vintage LP, we cannot be responsible for records that have anomalies. So there are no returns or replacements—we thank you for understanding.


    LP Track List:
    Side 1:

  1. Your Tender Loving Care
  2. Song And Dance
  3. Only You (Can Break My Heart)
  4. What A Liar I Am
  5. Someone With No One To Love
  6. Rocks In My Head
    Side 2:

  1. Sam’s Place
  2. If I Had You Back Again
  3. House Of Memories
  4. Only You And You Alone
  5. Don’t Ever Tell Me Goodbye
  6. You Made A Monkey Out Of Me

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