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Susan Raye — Willy Jones

Susan Raye — Willy Jones

Susan Raye

Willy Jones

Release date: May 6, 2022


Susan Raye’s 1971 Top 10 album featuring the classic “L.A. International Airport.”

Second solo release from Susan Raye, whose 1970 solo release hit the Top 40, and who released two duet albums with Buck Owens (We’re Gonna Get Together and The Great White Horse) before this Top 10 release


Original Album Liner Notes

If ever there was a dream of a girl country singer Susan Raye is it. She’s romantically pretty graciously charming impressively intelligent teriffically talented… and there’s a special way she has about her that draws compliments from everyone…

And right now her fans couldn’t be happier for her. “Willy Jones” (written especially for her by Buck Owens) quickly climbed into the top echelons of the country music charts… “L.A. International Airport” is following close behind… and everybody says it couldn’t have happened to a nicer girl.

But besides the big single record hits and a good sprinkling of evergreen Buck Owens songs (“In The Arms Of Love,” “Happy Times Are Here Again,” “Heartbreak Mountain”… ) this album offers something really special. It marks the debut of Susan Raye songwriter! As the story goes Susan thought she’d like to try her hand at writing a song. Everyone around her in the Buck Owens All-American Show was writing songs as regularly as most of us brush our teeth. So Susan announced that she too was on the verge of being a composer. The announcement got a few laughs… even from Susan herself because she had no idea of how to begin or if the end-product would be worth the effort.

Well sure enough the laughing stopped and suddenly everyone was saying “Boy Susan, I knew you could do it!” Susan Raye had indeed come up with two great songs… “Baby Sittin’ With Baby” and “I’ll Love You Forever (If You’re Sure You’ll Want Me Then).” Her lyrics are meaningful… the melodies are memorable. And she performs her songs with a mastery that comes only from the closeness of creation.

As a result of all this branching out Susan’s sure to pick up even more fans than ever. She’s a great great gal but she has some people just a little bit worried. What if she decides to try her hand at being a recording engineer or a lead guitar player or an album cover designer? Most likely she’d be fantastic at any of those things.

Then where’d the rest of us be?


    Digital Track List:

  1. Willy Jones
  2. In The Arms Of Love
  3. Heartbreak Mountain
  4. I’ll Love You Forever (If You’re Sure You’ll Want Me Then)
  5. Happy Times Are Here Again
  6. L.A. International Airport
  7. Merry-Go-Round Of Love
  8. Baby Sittin’ With Baby
  9. Now That I Understand
  10. Hello Happiness, Goodbye Loneliness

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