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Definition: Voracious Music Lover

Here at Omnivore, we share an insatiable appetite for music. We believe that the music of the past lives on in the music of today and the music of tomorrow. Our releases contribute to the ongoing conversation between artists and their audiences, each a part of the other and all partaking in the never-ending musical journey.

We don’t know what’s around the next corner, the next chord change, the next surprising lyric, but we do know this: music is essential. Music sustains and satisfies. It feeds our souls, fuels our hearts, and sends us off to look for more. If you’re hungry for inspiration and adventuresome in your musical taste, we invite you to dive in.

Omni Bios

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Cheryl Pawelski

Four-time Grammy® Award-winning producer, Cheryl Pawelski has, for more than 30 years, been entrusted with preserving, curating and championing some of music’s greatest legacies. Before co-founding Omnivore Recordings she held positions at Rhino Entertainment, Concord Music Group and EMI-Capitol Records. She has produced or supervised recordings, reissues and boxed sets for a diverse array of artists.

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Greg Allen

As a graphic designer and photographer, Omnivore co-founder Greg Allen has been active in the Los Angeles music scene for more than four decades. He has also served as art director on numerous projects for Nonesuch, Rhino, Concord, Warner UK, and Vanguard, among others. With an eye for detail and a vast knowledge of musical styles and eras, Allen has an eclectic design repertoire that encompasses classic album repackaging and new projects alike.

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Brad Rosenberger

Prior to co-founding Omnivore Recordings, he was most recently Senior Vice President, Catalog Development & Marketing for Warner/Chappell Music based in Los Angeles. During his 20+ years at the award-winning music publishing arm of the Warner Music Group, Rosenberger also served in a number of key positions, including Senior Vice President, Head of Strategic Marketing/Catalog Development and Senior Vice President, Film & Television.

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Dutch Cramblitt

For the past #@*%! years, Dutch has worked with and sold some of the most interesting and successful acts in music. Before co-founding Omnivore Recordings, he worked as VP of Sales for Nettwerk Entertainment, Rhino Entertainment and held various sales roles at WEA Distribution. Prior to that run of gigs, he held sales positions at Hollywood Records, EMI, SBK and Capitol.

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Lee Lodyga

Learning to read from his stack of 45 r.p.m. singles, there was little doubt “Captain” Lee Lodyga would end up being involved with records. “Working” at the local Camelot Music for promos and posters gave way to a real job there at 16, with Lee eventually managing 5 record stores (both mom & pop and big box retailers) across the state of Indiana.

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Glenn Schwartz

A music industry veteran who cut his teeth at Sony Music before heading up the Licensing departments at Zomba Recording Corporation and Warner Music Group’s Rhino Entertainment, Glenn Schwartz has licensed recordings for use in movies, television programs, commercials, compilation albums, jukeboxes, greeting cards, bowling alleys, toys, department stores, gyms, and as samples in hip hop records, among other things.

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