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Freddie Hart Bundle [Vintage Vinyl]

Freddie Hart Bundle [Vintage Vinyl]

Freddie Hart And The Heartbeats

Freddie Hart Bundle

Release date: April 2021



Vintage Buck Owens vinyl direct Buck’s vault!

Available while supplies last, Freddie Hart Bundle, a special bundle of 7 vintage 45s. Direct from the vaults at the Crystal Palace, this collection of vintage 45s comes from Buck Owens’ original stock and includes a certificate of authenticity and a Buck Owens promo letter.

Please note: As collection contains vintage records, we cannot be responsible for records that have anomalies. So there are no returns or replacements—we thank you for understanding.


    7″ Track List:

  1. One More Mountain To Climb / Just Another Girl *
  2. Got The All Overs For You (All Over Me) / Just Another Girl
  3. Bless Your Heart / Conscience Makes Cowards (Of Us All)
  4. Fingerprints / I Can’t Keep My Hands Off Of YOu
  5. California Grapevine / What’s Wrong With Your Head, Fred
  6. Blue Christmas / I Believe In Santa Claus
  7. The Whole World Holding Hands / Without You
    * Some copies of “One More Mountain To Climb” have the B-side label on both sides.

Cat: VN-BUNDLE 009

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