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Buck Owens & Susan Raye — We’re Gonna Get Together

Buck Owens & Susan Raye — We’re Gonna Get Together

Buck Owens & Susan Raye

We're Gonna Get Together

Release date: March 4, 2022


The 1970 Top 10 debut duet release from Buck Owens and Susan Raye.

The first of the four duet releases from Buck Owens and Susan Raye. Released in 1970, the album hit #10 on the Country Albums chart, with its 2 singles “We’re Gonna Get Together” and “Togetherness” nearly cracking the Top 10, as well. Their cover of Mickey & Sylvia’s “Love Is Strange” has also become an Owens and Raye classic.


Original Album Liner Notes

It seems that I’ve been hearing of Buck Owens for a lot of years. But really it hasn’t been that many years since this young fellow from Bakersfield California made his initial impact on the world of Country Music—has it really only been 10 years? Well at any rate today there’s certainly no question as to the place that this “Young Buck” has warmed for himself in the hearts of today’s country Music fans.

Pick a category—writing hits publishing hits producing records starring in a weekly network television show or singing the hits that have made him one of the most prominent country music super stars of our day. How could you come up with anything less than total and absolute involvement in the life work that he obviously is so dedicated to?

Album making is nothing new to Buck however you can bet that something new goes into every record-making effort whether it be a new sound on this or that instrument a new rhythm a play on words whatever every track has its own special and unique effort to give it just the right treatment that his millions of fans have grown to expect and love.

In this their latest album Buck and Susan have elected to make it an album of duets for the most part and Buck has chosen the fresh new and exciting sound of this little gal from Portland Oregon. Her name is Susan Raye and certainly by now this is a name that is familiar to many many country music fans across the nation by virtue of her recordings and appearances with Buck on the network television show Hee Haw. Susan is relatively new in the country music “show biz” world and is another in quite a long list of the talented proteges of Buck Owens. The treatment the warmth the rhythm the feeling the country soul that Buck and Susan capture in this their first album together can do no less than strengthen your faith in country music and in Buck and Susan.

From the soulful “Love Is Strange” to the uptempo down-home “We’re Gonna Get Together” (which happens to be a single and also happens to be the title of this album) you’ll be completely entertained. There are of course fine ballad sounds like “Cryin’ Time” and “Togetherness,” that lend their softening touch to create the sort of blend one would expect from two pros such as Buck Owens and his new recording friend Susan Raye. There’s really no question Buck and Susan have certainly “gotten it together” in their album. I hope that you wherever you may be enjoy it as much as I know our radio audience in the Los Angeles area will.

Hugh Jarrett
Program Director-Air Personality
KBBQ Radio
Beautiful Downtown Burbank


    Digital Track List:

  1. We’re Gonna Get Together
  2. Everybody Needs Somebody
  3. Together Again
  4. Love Is Strange
  5. Fallin’ For You
  6. Togetherness
  7. We Were Made For Each Other
  8. Cryin’ Time
  9. Somewhere Between
  10. Foolin’ Around

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