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Buck Owens & Susan Raye — The Great White Horse

Buck Owens & Susan Raye — The Great White Horse

Buck Owens & Susan Raye

The Great White Horse

Release date: February 4, 2022


Buck & Susan’s second duet release, featuring the Top 10 title track.

Buck and Susan’s second duet release in 1970, The Great White Horse hit #22 on the album charts, and its title track rose to #8 on the singles chart. The album featured tracks written by Owens, as well as Buck’s son Buddy Alan, then current Buckaroo Don Rich, and original Buckaroo Merle Haggard.


Original Album Liner Notes:

This is a dream come true… a fairy-tale album filled with high mountains, shining knights, a maiden whose long, soft hair blows in the wind, sunny days, a castle and the seven seas.

It was The Great White Horse that made this an album come true… a totally romantic, tender and loving album come true. And it was Buck Owens who created the song “The Great White Horse.” And on the day he wrote it, Buck surely must have been touched with magic, for the song is one of the loveliest, most beautiful ever written. He sings it here with Susan Raye, one of the loveliest, most beautiful and most talented girls ever created. Listen. Their voices blend perfectly and give such beauty to “The Great White Horse” that is likely to become one of country music’s most treasured ballads.

There are more Buck and Susan duets here… all pretty enough to fill Cinderella’s slipper. Together, they sing Buck’s unforgettable “Your Tender Loving Care”; young Buddy Alan’s “I’ve Never Had A Dream Come True Before”; Merle Haggard’s composition “Today I Started Loving You Again,” already a classic, and “Tennessee Bird Walk,” brimming over with fun.

Once you listen to them all, you’ll decide for yourself that the songs are like pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. To find them, follow The Great White Horse along with Buck and Susan.


    Digital Track List:

  1. The Great White Horse
  2. I’ve Never Had A Dream Come True Before
  3. Then Maybe I Can Get Some Sleep
  4. I Thank Him For Sending Me You
  5. I Don’t Care (Just As Long As You Love Me)
  6. Today I Stared Loving You Again
  7. Think Of Me
  8. Your Tender Loving Care
  9. Tennessee Bird Walk
  10. High As The Mountains

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