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om - ni - vore • ämnəˌvôr • Definition: Voracious Music Lover
Here at Omnivore, we share an insatiable appetite for music. We believe that the music of the past lives on in the music of today and the music of tomorrow. Our releases contribute to the ongoing conversation between artists and their audiences, each a part of the other and all partaking in the never-ending musical journey. 
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  • Big Star - Complete Third Review Icon
    [Big Star's Complete Third] remains a harrowing listen more than 40 years on, a bleak testament to the joys and horrors of love and commitment.
    —Stephen Deusner, Uncut
  • Buck Owens Complete Singles Review Icon
    [Buck Owens'] The Complete Capitol Singles: 1957-1966 [is] a bountiful but easily digestible dive into the birth and growth of the innovative and enduring Bakersfield sound.
    —Joseph Neff, The Vinyl District
  • NRBQ - High Noon Review Icon
    NRBQ has long had a dedicated cult following, but High Noon should go a long way in introducing their singular brand of all-encompassing musical merriment to an even wider audience.
    —Joe Marchese, The Second Disc
  • Legal Matters - Conrad Review Icon
    [The Legal Matters' Conrad] secret weapon? Harmonies, in spades I might add, that are bound to conjure up the timbres of everyone from CS&Y to the Greenberry Woods.
    —Spavid, Wilfully Obscure
  • Tim Buckley - Wings Review Icon
    [Tim Buckley's Wings] shows Buckley's development from folk, to acid-folk, folk-jazz, folk-soul, to psychedelic folk-rock, taken to an emotional eleven
    —Amos Perrine, No Depression


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