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om - ni - vore • ämnəˌvôr • Definition: Voracious Music Lover
Here at Omnivore, we share an insatiable appetite for music. We believe that the music of the past lives on in the music of today and the music of tomorrow. Our releases contribute to the ongoing conversation between artists and their audiences, each a part of the other and all partaking in the never-ending musical journey. 
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  • Big Star Live In Memphis
    [Big Star Live In Memphis] A reminder of how potent the latter-day Big Star could sound... A true treasure from the archives. — Bob Mehr, Mojo
  • Blaze Of Glory
    [Game Theory, Blaze Of Glory] The remastering is basically miraculous. —Punknews
  • Pugwash
    [Pugwash, A Rose In A Garden Of Weeds] A generous dip into a wonderfully rich catalog of gorgeous songs. — The Maine Edge
  • Failure
    [The Posies, Failure] Every song qualifies as irresistible power pop. —Broken Hearted Toy
  • TV Eyes
    [TV Eyes] Nicely packaged, with insightful [Jason] Falkner liner notes, TV Eyes is that rare archival release that’s as relevant as any newly created work. — Michael Toland, Blurt