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om - ni - vore • ämnəˌvôr • Definition: Voracious Music Lover
Here at Omnivore, we share an insatiable appetite for music. We believe that the music of the past lives on in the music of today and the music of tomorrow. Our releases contribute to the ongoing conversation between artists and their audiences, each a part of the other and all partaking in the never-ending musical journey. 
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  • Bobby Patterson
    [Bobby Patterson, I Got More Soul!] Easily, the soul singer’s greatest since 1972′s immortal It's Just A Matter Of Time. —Dallas Morning News
  • The Garden Spot, 1950
    [Hank Williams, The Garden Spot Programs, 1950] A must for fans of the “Hillbilly Shakespeare.” —Jon Young, Mother Jones
  • Harry Dean Stanton
    [Harry Dean Stanton, Partly Fiction] God bless him, and may he sing forever. —James Mann, Ink19
  • Peter Rowan
    [Peter Rowan, Dharma Blues] A songwriter of depth... interested in ritual and sound vibrations and drones and mysteries and the reasons we make music in the first place. —New York Times
  • Steve Wynn
    [Steve Wynn, Sketches in Spain] Omnivore has done American audiences a great service in making these recordings available. —Ed Whitelock, PopMatters