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Blood, Sweat & Tears — What The Hell Happened To Blood, Sweat & Tears? – Original Soundtrack

Blood, Sweat & Tears — What The Hell Happened To Blood, Sweat & Tears? – Original Soundtrack

Blood, Sweat & Tears

What The Hell Happened To Blood, Sweat & Tears? – Original Soundtrack

Release date: April 21, 2023


Ten previously unissued live recordings from 1970 recorded in Yugoslavia, Romania, and Poland.

In 1970, Blood, Sweat & Tears were arguably the hottest band in America. Their second album, the eponymously titled Blood, Sweat & Tears had recently spent seven weeks atop the Billboard Album charts, spawning three Top 5 Gold singles (“You’ve Made Me So Very Happy,” “Spinning Wheel” and “And When I Die”). The album had been nominated for four Grammy® awards, ultimately winning two, including Album of the Year over The Beatles’ Abbey Road, and sales passed the 4 million mark domestically. The band was touring to sold-out audiences around the world and had just completed their third album in the studio—what could possibly go wrong? Enter the U.S. State Department and Richard Milhous Nixon…

Omnivore Recordings is proud to announce the release of the soundtrack to the upcoming acclaimed documentary What The Hell Happened To Blood, Sweat & Tears? A political thriller with a classic rock band at the heart of the action, this story has been suppressed for over 50 years!

In 1970, Blood, Sweat & Tears became the first American rock band to perform behind the Iron Curtain, doing concerts in Yugoslavia, Romania, and Poland. The tour was sponsored by the U.S. State Department. A documentary film crew accompanied the band and shot over 65 hours of material for what was intended to be a theatrical documentary. The documentary was never released and the film footage disappeared. The music was also captured on tape but never issued or even heard by the band themselves. Upon returning to the states after the tour, the group became victim of the significant societal upheaval and culture wars in a polarized America. The toxic environment found the band in a crossfire between the Right and the Left and the group suffered greatly as a result.

What The Hell Happened To Blood, Sweat & Tears? is a film about this tour, this journey and the discovery of the film and music that documented one of the world’s biggest bands at the peak of their powers. Award winning director John Scheinfeld (Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin’ About Him?), The U.S. vs. John Lennon, Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary, Herb Alpert Is…) has once again captivated audiences with a thrilling story that contains amazing previously unreleased film footage and stunning musical performances.

The soundtrack album features ten previously unheard performance from the 1970 Iron Curtain Tour, including their biggest hits (“Spinning Wheel,” “And When I Die,” and more) and music from their upcoming not-yet-released third album (Blood, Sweat & Tears 3). Lovingly produced and curated by the band’s founding member Bobby Colomby, this album is a tour de force that never stops surprising or pleasing the listener.

Find out what the hell happened to Blood, Sweat & Tears and listen to the glorious results!


    CD / Digital Track List:

  1. Somethin’ Comin’ On
  2. God Bless The Child
  3. Spinning Wheel
  4. Somethin’ Goin’ On/Blues—Part II
  5. Hi-De-Ho
  6. And When I Die
  7. Sometimes In Winter
  8. Smiling Phases
  9. You’ve Made Me So Very Happy
  10. I Can’t Quit Her

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