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Big Star — Live In Memphis

Big Star — Live In Memphis

Big Star

Live In Memphis

Release date: November 4, 2014


Only known, professionally filmed complete Big Star concert!

The gig poster read: “BIG STAR IN THEIR FAREWELL U.S. PERFORM-ANCE.” Luckily, this iconic Memphis band’s homecoming show was nothing of the kind. As Jody Stephens points out in his liner notes, “We played Los Angeles three days later and went on to play together for another 16 years. No one ever said anything about the poster.”

Omnivore Recordings is proud to present Big Star’s only known professionally filmed show in its entirety. Live In Memphis chronicles that October 29, 1994 performance on CD, 2-LP, Digital, and DVD.

Contains Big Star classics like “Thank You Friends,” “September Gurls,” and “The Ballad Of El Goodo,” Chris Bell’s “I Am The Cosmos,” and covers of T.Rex, The Kinks, Todd Rundgren and more, performed by Big Star: Alex Chilton, Jody Stephens, and Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow from The Posies.

Also included are notes from filmmaker Danny Graflund, Ardent Studios’ John Fry, Jody Stephens, Jon Auer, and Ken Stringfellow in the CD, LP, and DVD packaging. Per Omnivore tradition, the first pressing of the LP will be 1,000 colored vinyl, with black to follow.

For the first time, you will not only be able to hear this legendary performance, but see it, as well. You will be in the New Daisy Theatre experiencing Big Star Live In Memphis!


    CD / 2-LP / Digital / DVD Track List:

  1. In The Street
  2. Don’t Lie To Me
  3. When My Baby’s Beside Me
  4. I Am The Cosmos
  5. Way Out West
  6. Till The End Of The Day
  7. Ballad Of El Goodo
  8. Back Of A Car
  9. Fire*
  10. Daisy Glaze
  11. Jesus Christ
  12. For You
  13. Baby Strange
  14. Feel
  15. September Gurls
  16. Big Black Car
  17. Thank You Friends
  18. Girl From Ipanema
  19. Patty Girl
  20. Slut
    * Not included on DVD.

    Please note, we wanted to make everyone aware that there is nothing wrong with your Big Star DVDs. There are occasional lines, flashes and anomalies on screen, especially on the camera on The Posies side of the stage. It’s in the footage and recording.
    The filmmakers did everything they could to edit around the worst problems. The tapes were stored in a closet for 20 years, and, as Danny Graflund said in the The Commercial Appeal (8/22/13), “We’re just glad the tapes hadn’t melted.” To further quote The Commercial Appeal article, “Graflund had only three days to turn Chilton’s agreement into reality… There was no monitor, and no director cutting the footage live as it was captured.”
    We’re glad to be able to present this footage and recording to you as an historical document of Big Stars’ homecoming gig, and are thankful that it existed in good enough shape to construct what you’ll see and hear. But be aware, there are audio and video issues that were impossible to correct.

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