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Chris Bell — I Am The Cosmos

Chris Bell — I Am The Cosmos

Chris Bell

I Am The Cosmos

Release date: September 8, 2017


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Newly expanded 2-CD/Digital set. 8 previously unissued bonus tracks + 2 tracks appearing on CD for the first time!

After co-founding Big Star, the world only received two tracks of new music from Chris Bell during his lifetime—a 1978 single on the Car Records label run by Chris Stamey (dB’s, Sneakers) titled “I Am The Cosmos” b/w ”You And Your Sister.” He would tragically be killed in a car accident later that same year. However, those were not the only tracks Bell had recorded in his post-Big Star years.

In 1974–1975, Bell worked in the famed Château D’Hérouville near Paris, France, and later recorded at both Shoe Studios and Ardent Studios in Memphis. Some of that material arrived in 1992 as I Am The Cosmos to great acclaim. An expanded 2009 release nearly doubled the track listing, adding alternate mixes, as well as some of Bell’s pre-Big Star recordings. With those early recordings now taking their proper place on Looking Forward: The Roots Of Big Star (released by Omnivore in July, 2017), it is now time for the definitive version of I Am The Cosmos.

In addition to the bonus material found on the 1992 release and 2009 reissue, this new 2-CD/Digital set adds 10 more tracks, 8 of which are previously unissued and 2 making their CD debut. The packaging contains updated liner notes from set co-producer Alec Palao as well as Bob Mehr and features previously unseen photographs. Also available the same day, the original 12 track “album”—first pressing on clear vinyl (with download card). All Chris Bell projects are being approved and overseen by Chris’ estate run by his brother, David.

With renewed reverence for his work in Big Star, as well as a look back at his earlier work, and an upcoming biography from Rich Tupica, the stars have aligned. This expanded edition of I Am The Cosmos arrives at the perfect time for long-time fans, as well of those who are just discovering the magic of Chris Bell.


    2-CD / Digital Track List:
    Disc 1:

  1. I Am The Cosmos (Original Single Version)
  2. Better Save Yourself
  3. Speed Of Sound
  4. Get Away
  5. You And Your Sister (Original Single Version)
  6. I Got Kinda Lost
  7. Look Up
  8. Make A Scene
  9. There Was A Light
  10. I Don’t Know
  11. Fight At The Table
  12. Though I Know She Lies
  13. I Am The Cosmos (Acoustic Mix)*
  14. You And Your Sister (Acoustic Version)*
  15. Look Up (Acoustic Movie Mix)
  16. Untitled Acoustic Instrumental (Movie Mix)
    Disc 2:

  1. I Am The Cosmos (Extended Alternate Version)
  2. Better Save Yourself (Alternate Mix)
  3. Speed Of Sound (Alternate Version)
  4. Get Away (Alternate Version)
  5. You And Your Sister (Alternate Version)
  6. Make A Scene (Alternate Mix)
  7. Fight At The Table (Alternate Mix)
  8. I Don’t Know (Alternate Version)
  9. Speed Of Sound (Alternate Version Backing Track)*
  10. Stay With Me with Keith Sykes
  11. In My Darkest Hour with Nancy Bryan
  12. So Long Baby (aka Clacton Rag)
  13. Fight At The Table (Outtake With Partial Vocal)*
  14. You And Your Sister (Country Underdub Mix)
  15. Get Away (Outtake Track)*
  16. Better Save Yourself (Outtake Track)*
  17. I Am The Cosmos (Alternate Backing Track With Piano)*
  18. Untitled Electric Instrumental (Movie Mix)*
  19. Though I Know She Lies (Movie Mix)*
    * Previously unissued.


    LP Track List:
    Side 1:

  1. I Am The Cosmos (Original Single Version)
  2. Better Save Yourself
  3. Speed Of Sound
  4. Get Away
  5. Make A Scene
    Side 2:

  1. Look Up
  2. I Got Kinda Lost
  3. There Was A Light
  4. Fight At The Table
  5. I Don’t Know
  6. Though I Know She Lies
  7. You And Your Sister (Original Single Version)
    LP does not contain download card.

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