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Big Star — Complete Third: Vol. 1: Demos To Sessions To Roughs

Big Star — Complete Third: Vol. 1: Demos To Sessions To Roughs

Big Star

Complete Third: Vol. 1: Demos To Sessions To Roughs

Release date: November 25, 2016


First of three volumes that will bring Big Star’s Complete Third to vinyl.


“Ask any of the original participants who made the record, and none of them would say they expected this album to even see a real release, much less end up on Rolling Stone>’s list of the 500 best albums of all time… It’s an amazing snapshot of the artists and the times and circumstances in which the recordings were made. It’s a great testament to Third that an album that almost nobody was interested in at the time of its pressing, is now loved and sought out by an ever growing legion of fans. I guess that’s called ‘ahead of its time.’”

—Excerpt from Adam Hill’s Complete Third liner notes.


Available for Record Store Day/Black Friday is the first in a series of three volumes of double LPs that will contain the entire Big Star Complete Third boxed set, titled Vol. 1: Demos To Sessions To Roughs starts at the beginning of the album creation with demos of the songs that were all eventually cut at the sessions. Material from the sessions follows including a take on The Beach Boys’ “Don’t Worry Baby” (previously unissued in this unedited form) and oddly enough a version of “I’m In Love With A Girl” (previously unissued) from the album that was released prior to these sessions, Radio City. All the chaos and as producer Jim Dickinson put it, “deconstruction” is present in these early stages of recording. Vol. 2 and 3 will follow in short order in early 2017.


    2-LP Track List:
    Side 1:

  1. Like St. Joan (Kanga Roo) (Demo)
  2. Lovely Day (Demo)
  3. Downs (Demo)
  4. Femme Fatale (Demo)
  5. Thank You Friends (Demo)
  6. Holocaust (Demo)
  7. Jesus Christ (Demo)
    Side 2:

  1. Blue Moon (Demo)
  2. Nightime (Demo)
  3. Take Care (Demo)
  4. Big Black Car (Demo #2/Acoustic Take 1)
  5. Don’t Worry Baby
  6. I’m In Love With A Girl
    Side 3:

  1. Big Black Car (Demo #3/Acoustic Take 2)
  2. I’m So Tired – Alex & Lesa
  3. That’s All It Took – Alex & Lesa
  4. Pre-Downs
  5. Baby Strange
    Side 4:

  1. Big Black Car (Demo #1/Band)
  2. Kizza Me (Dickinson Rough Mix/Alex Guide Vocal)
  3. Till The End Of The Day (Dickinson Rough MIx/Alex Guide Vocal)
  4. Thank You Friends (Dickinson Rough Mix/Alex Guide Vocal)
  5. O, Dana (Dickinson Rough Mix)
  6. Dream Lover (Dickinson Rough Mix)

Cat: OV-196

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