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Carmaig de Forest — I Shall Be Re-Released

Carmaig de Forest — I Shall Be Re-Released

Carmaig de Forest

I Shall Be Re-Released

Release date: November 10, 2017


30th Anniversary expanded reissue of the 1987 classic on CD & Digital for the first time!

Carmaig’s 1987 Alex Chilton-produced album I Shall Be Released was one in a long line of albums subjected to the whims of the record business. Slated to be released on a larger label with some marketing muscle, it eventually wound up on a small, San Francisco indie and never got the exposure it deserved. A follow up live EP didn’t even see a release in the U.S.

Fast forward a few decades to today. Now for its 30th Anniversary, it’s time to relish in de Forest’s wit, passion and talent by combining the original album, live EP and unissued material and reintroduce an artist many missed the first time around.

I Shall Be Re-Released combines de Forest’s original album and live EP with four previously unissued tracks from the original album sessions, and an additional unissued live recording. Packaging contains new liners from set co-producer Pat Thomas with new interviews with Carmaig and his contemporaries, as well as rare photos.

It was released, but it’s time for an official re-release. Be Re-Released.


    CD / Digital:
    Disc 1:

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Long Distance
  3. Possibilities
  4. Risks In Spring
  5. Eddie Prince (That’s Entertainment)
  6. Big Business
  7. Hey Judas
  8. Little Speeches
  9. I’d Be Delighted
  10. Crack’s No Worse Than The Fascist Threat
  11. Blank Verse
  12. Touch Of Red
  13. Secret Agent Man
  14. Dayenu
  15. I’ll Be Your Angel
    Bonus Tracks:

  1. Kate Said*
  2. Banks Of The Ohio*
  3. I Don’t Wanna Go To Your Hometown*
  4. Dark Place*
  5. One More Time (Live)
  6. Risks In Spring (Live)
  7. One For My Baby (And One More
    For The Road)/You Can’t Always Get What You Want
  8. Kate Said (Live)
  9. Dark Place (Live)
  10. Long Distance (Live)
  11. Dayenu (Live)*
    * Previously Unissued.

Cat: OV-247

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