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Art Pepper — The Complete Maiden Voyage Recordings

Art Pepper — The Complete Maiden Voyage Recordings

Art Pepper

The Complete Maiden Voyage Recordings

Release date: October 20, 2023


The complete recordings from Art Pepper’s three-night stand at Los Angeles’ Maiden Voyage club in 1981


When I asked Cheryl Pawelski, of Omnivore Recordings, why she was releasing this Maiden Voyage session, she said, “Because you made me.” I did. This material has been out of circulation for almost 20 years, and I’ve been obsessed with bringing it back in. Omnivore is not only bringing it back, they’re releasing the entire session, three nights, seven sets––warts and all.

—Laurie Pepper


Maiden Voyage was a Japanese-owned jazz club, near MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, from 1979—1983. In August of 1981, alto saxophone legend Art Pepper, pianist George Cables, bassist David Williams, and drummer Carl Burnett played seven sets over three consecutive nights. Musician/Producer Ed Michel and Art’s wife, Laurie Pepper, were there, and tape rolled for every note played. When listening to the tapes, Art took meticulous notes about each performance, writing things like “The best solo I’ve played on this whole date—wow!!” and ”This is worth the whole night!” Sadly, Art would die 10 months later.

Some of the performances would find their way onto posthumous releases including Arthur’s Blues, Art Lives, The Maiden Voyage Sessions, Vol. 3, Roadgame, and The Complete Galaxy Recordings, but now, all three nights can be heard in full, as they happened, for the first time.

Produced for release by Laurie Pepper and Grammy® winner Cheryl Pawelski, The Complete Maiden Voyage Recordings features 42 performances (23 previously unissued) plus all of the between song banter and stories from Art’s three-night stand at the Los Angeles club on seven CDs. The 44-page booklet features photos, Art’s original hand written notes and commentary, ephemera, and a new essay from Laurie Pepper telling Art’s story.

So, prepare yourself for a true L.A. jazz club experience. Venture back to Maiden Voyage and relive those three summer nights when Art and his band gave it their all. As Art said in his notes about “Thank You Blues,” “My whole life went into this.” Hear it for yourself.


    7-CD / Digital Track List:
    Disc 1:

  1. Road Waltz
  2. Mambo Koyama
  3. Everything Happens To Me
  4. For Freddie
  5. Donna Lee
  6. Begin The Beguine
  7. Without A Song
    Disc 2:

  1. Samba Mom Mom
  2. What’s New?
  3. “Landscape” Introduction
  4. Landscape
  5. “Valse Triste” Introduction
  6. Valse Triste
  7. Allen’s Alley
  8. Thank You Blues
  9. Band Introductions
    Disc 3:

  1. “Straight Life” Introduction
  2. Straight Life
  3. Whims Of Chambers
  4. “Allen’s Alley” Introduction
  5. Allen’s Alley
  6. Begin The Beguine
  7. “Don’t Play The Clarinet Ever Again…”
  8. Everything Happens To Me
  9. “How The Sets Are Going To Go…”
  10. Landscape
    Disc 4:

  1. “Road Waltz” Introduction
  2. Road Waltz
  3. Band Introductions
  4. “For Freddie” Introduction
  5. For Freddie
  6. “Yours Is My Heart Alone” Introduction
  7. Yours Is My Heart Alone
  8. “Mambo Koyama” Introduction
  9. Mambo Koyama
  10. “We’ll Be Back In Five Minutes…”
  11. Samba Mom Mom
  12. Valse Triste
    Disc 5:

  1. But Beautiful
  2. “Donna Lee” Introduction
  3. Donna Lee
  4. “We’ll Be Back Tomorrow Night…”
  5. Roadgame
  6. Band Introductions
  7. Without A Song
  8. Everything Happens To Me
  9. “For Freddie” Introduction
  10. For Freddie
    Disc 6:

  1. “Allen’s Alley” Introduction
  2. Allen’s Alley
  3. Road Waltz
  4. “We’ll Be Back To Finish The Night…”
  5. “Samba Mom Mom” Introduction
  6. Samba Mom Mom
  7. “Mambo Koyama” Introduction
  8. Mambo Koyama
  9. “When You’re Smiling” Introduction
  10. When You’re Smiling
    Disc 7:

  1. But Beautiful (Duet For Alto Saxophone & Piano)
  2. Roadgame
  3. “For Freddie” Introduction
  4. For Freddie
  5. Road Waltz
  6. Donna Lee
  7. Arthur’s Blues
  8. “The Record Will Be Out Soon…”
    * Previously unissued.

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