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The Muffs — New Improved Kim Shattuck Demos

The Muffs — New Improved Kim Shattuck Demos

The Muffs

New Improved Kim Shattuck Demos

Black vinyl release date: April 23, 2022

Red vinyl release date: August 11, 2023


Vinyl release of Kim Shattuck demos for the band’s Really Really Happy album.

Dear Kim,


This is the first project we’ve put together since you went away and I can’t say it’s been easy. The task of what, if any, extra stuff to include with the reissue of Really, Really Happy was daunting but you, still ever present and in your own indomitable way, somehow ended up making it easy.


You were always great at making demos, but at this point they were accomplished works of their own that were truly special. You made me this disc right before we recorded what was to become RRH. You’d written lots of songs for this album, it was taking shape, we were ready to record & you replaced the many scattered discs with one or two songs on them that I had with this, a burn that you titled New Improved Trashy Muffs Demos For Ronnie.


I always told you throughout our career that one day I wanted to compile an album of your demos like Pete Townshend did with Scoop. And while this isn’t exactly what I envisioned I think the world will be just as astounded and proud you for this work as me and Roy always were.


—Your friend and bandmate,
Ronnie Barnett


During the period leading up to 2004’s Really Really Happy, The Muffs had been keeping a busy schedule of live performances as well as working through an ever-increasing list of songwriting demos from singer/guitarist Kim Shattuck. Once this group of songs was narrowed down, the band set to recording them for the album.

Appearing as bonus material on the upcoming, expanded 2-CD/Digital reissue of Really Really Happy, New Improved Kim Shattuck Demos represents the only vinyl appearance of these 16 tracks, composed and performed entirely by Kim.

Available for Record Store Day, this 16- track, black vinyl LP is fully endorsed by Kim’s friends, family, and bandmates. It also contains a personal note to Kim from bandmate Ronnie Barnett.

The world lost Kim to ALS in 2019, New Improved Kim Shattuck Demos shows the enigmatic singer, songwriter, and performer in her true creative element. The Muffs turned this material into their classic fifth album, it all began with Kim.


    LP Track List:
    Side 1:

  1. Really Really Happy (Demo)
  2. Freak Out (Demo)
  3. Everybody Loves You (Demo)
  4. Something Inside (Demo)
  5. And I Go Pow (Demo)
  6. Don’t Pick On Me (Demo)
  7. The Story Of Me (Demo)
  8. A Little Luxury (Demo)
    Side 2:

  1. By My Side (Demo)
  2. Fancy Girl (Demo)
  3. How I Pass The Time (Demo)
  4. I’m Here I’m Not (Demo)
  5. Even Now (Demo)
  6. Slow (Demo)
  7. My Lucky Day (Demo)
  8. Oh Poor You (Demo)

Cat: OV-464

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