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Various Artists — International Pop Overthrow: Volume 24

Various Artists — International Pop Overthrow: Volume 24

Various Artists

International Pop Overthrow: Volume 24

Release date: September 8, 2023


68 tracks on 3 CDs including The Cowsills, Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Jellyfish, Beck), Kimberley Rew (The Soft Boys, Katrina And The Waves), Lizard Music, and more.

Omnivore Recordings and The International Pop Overthrow Music Festival are proud to present International Pop Overthrow: Vol. 24, a three-disc compilation featuring 68 tracks by artists from all over the world who have played the International Pop Overthrow festival, along with some who haven’t—at least, not yet! The IPO compilations go back as far as the festival, to 1998 when Vol. 1 was a single disc. Since then, the collection expanded to two discs the following year, and then three discs in 2002 for Vol. 5, and it has remained a three-disc set since. International Pop Overthrow: Vol. 24 showcases artists from across the globe, doing just about every sub-genre of pop music, including power pop, pop/rock, folk/pop, psychedelic pop, garage, indie-rock, modern rock, etc., making it one of the most well-rounded compilations available to the general public.

Although the International Pop Overthrow festival is essentially a showcase for unsigned bands, the compilations have featured signed acts including Jason Falkner (Jellyfish, Beck), Brendan Benson (The Raconteurs), Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. (Jellyfish, Beck), Peter Holsapple (The dB’s), Marvin Etzioni (Lone Justice), and Shoes. This year’s release includes selections from The Cowsills, Roger Jospeh Manning Jr., Lizard Music, and more!

When mainstream pop/rock fans are played any volume of the IPO compilations, their first response is invariably, “This is great – I had no idea people were still making music like this!” Well, they certainly are, and you can find some of the best examples of it on International Pop Overthrow: Volume 24!


    3-CD Track List:
    Disc 1:

  1. Ya Gotta Get Up! – The Cowsills
  2. Baby Let Me Be – The Midnight Callers
  3. Bubble Gum – The Discarded
  4. Heart Of Darkness – Marlovers
  5. Pioneers And Natives – Sunbourne Rd
  6. I’ll Stay In Your Heart – Ex Norwegian
  7. Strawberry Sherry – Danny Wilkerson
  8. Shimmering Eyes – Rolling Numbers
  9. Reading Kerouac – The Parlophonics (feat. Marcella Detroit)
  10. If It Were Up To Me – Tyler Graham
  11. Little Submarine – Michael Steven Cohen with Graham Elvis
  12. Pirate Radio – The Big Believe
  13. Do I Walk – 6Kitty
  14. A Pretty Good Year – Kerosene Stars
  15. Hear What I Say – The Arcadeans
  16. Cell Phone Resurrection – Brother Derek
  17. I Wanna Be On Your Radio (Not In Your Arms) – Circlons
  18. Mock Stoner Voices – Blake Jones & The Trike Shop
  19. Remain – Harrison Clock
  20. On The Wing – Zombies of The Stratosphere
  21. It Must Be Love – Eric Crugnale
  22. Out The Flap – Kimberley Rew & Lee Cave-Berry
  23. Everybody Wanna Dance – Hijinx
    Disc 2:

  1. Stitches – Novelty Island
  2. That’s Not Me – Pikal
  3. Rockin’ It Our Way – Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
  4. Cantor’s Mind (Was Rocking) – Barbara Manning
  5. Chasing Ghosts – Plasma Chasms
  6. R U OK – Orbis Max and Lisa Mychols feat. Ed Ryan
  7. Yesterdays And Silly Ways – Thomas Charlie Pedersen
  8. You And Me – The Glimmer Stars
  9. San Francisco – The Glad Machine
  10. Recipe For Bliss – Fjeder
  11. Low Expectations – Meyerman
  12. Love Signs – Brian Larney & Dean Falcone
  13. Nevertheless – Dennis Schocket
  14. I Was Bored… In My Sleep! – Sue Hedges
  15. The Devil You Know – Vanilla
  16. Don’t Wanna Talk About It – The On And Ons
  17. Before You Come In – The Larvettes
  18. Genie In A Bottle – Mr. Bruce Gordon
  19. Turn It Up – Street Duo
  20. Galavanting – Super Buffet
  21. Following The End – Leland & The Silver Wells
  22. Two (IPO Mix) – The Pozers

    Disc 3:

  1. Eleven – Robin Schell
  2. (Bur Is) 10th Prestige Level 70 – Bur
  3. Insatiable – Jody & The Jerms
  4. Without Love – The Love Gamblers
  5. Clarissa – Floral Portrait
  6. The Day That Should’ve Been – Blaine Campbell And The California Sound
  7. Lorraine – Stephen’s Ruin
  8. On Time – Jose Estragos
  9. I Dream Of You Every Night – ATHANOR
  10. Sky Girl – Broken Sound
  11. Epicentre Of Your Soul – Feef
  12. Paradise Window – Grand Drifter
  13. Keystone Cops – Lizard Music
  14. Tired Of Your Ghost – Andrew Stonehome
  15. Mermaid Girlfriend – Fugitive Billionaire
  16. Just A Little Out Of Tune – Your Academy
  17. Waiting For Your Command – Go Time!
  18. I Just Want To See Her – The Be Positives
  19. Heaven Is Bare – Old Joy
  20. Colour Wheel – Micah Gilbert
  21. Blue Cloud Monday – Karen Zanes
  22. A Better Life – Jeremy
  23. I Got My Act Together – Captain Easychord

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