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Susan Raye — One Night Stand

Susan Raye — One Night Stand

Susan Raye

One Night Stand

Release date: January 7, 2022


Available digitally for the first time.

Susan Raye’s Ken Nelson produced debut album from 1970, featuring “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” and eight songs written (or co-written) by Buck Owens, including the hit title track.


Original Album Liner Notes:

Susan Raye’s career has been studded with a flock of fabulous “firsts:” There was her first appearance on The Buck Owens Ranch Show and the first time she appeared on Hee Haw, which has since been rated as one of the most highly successful shows ever to be televised.

One night that Susan probably won’t ever forget is the first time she was on-stage in Las Vegas. It was at the famous Bonanza Hotel, and when she finished singing “Maybe If I Close My Eyes (It’ll Go Away),” pretty little Susan got the kind of ovation every entertainer hopes and dreams for. And happily for us, there’s an encore of the song on this album.

Not very long ago, Susan’s first album was released. It’s called We’re Gonna Get Together. It contains some of the finest country music ever written and each song is performed in duet with Buck Owens, America’s greatest Country entertainer. Susan says she and Buck think alike musically: “We seem to know what the other’s going to do before it happens… our voices just naturally go very well together:’

Yet even after all of those very important “firsts,” Susan Raye still has another ahead of her. That “first” is the release of this record—her solo album debut. Buck Owens doesn’t sing on this one. Instead, like the gentleman he is, Buck steps out of the spotlight, letting Susan shine alone.

And she sure does shine right on with the title song, which is also her latest single record, “One Night Stand.” It’s the song of a woman who knows her own mind, telling a man, “If your intentions aren’t with honor, then don’t waste your time on me”; a kind of woman who wants no part of a one-night stand. Already the song’s on its way to becoming a country classic. The way Susan Raye sings it, the way Buck Owens wrote it, makes it a sure-winner on the hit lists.

The unbeatable Owens/Raye formula repeats itself with “Foolin’ Around,” “I Ain’t A Gonna Be Treated This Way,” “I’ve Carried This Torch Much Too Long,” and every song here—with the exception of two. “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” is the great Jackie DeShannon hit that really gives Susan a chance to rock. “A Living Tornado,” composed by Ike Cargill is a song advising girls to stay out of the way of a roaming Don Juan.

If it’s true that history repeats itself, especially when it comes to success stories, then Susan Raye can chalk up a winner with this “first” solo album… because from the very start of her country music career, it seems that the first time she tries anything—a TV show, personal appearance or an album, it works. And how!

—K. Vincent


    Digital Track List:

  1. One Night Stand
  2. I’ve Carried This Torch Much Too Long
  3. The Heartaches Have Just Started
  4. She Don’t Deserve You Anymore
  5. Put A Little Love In Your Heart
  6. I Ain’t A Gonna Be Treated This Way
  7. A Living Tornado
  8. Foolin’ Around
  9. Maybe If I Close My Eyes (It’ll Go Away)
  10. Rocks In My Head

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