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Continental Drifters — Drifted: In The Beginning & Beyond

Continental Drifters — Drifted: In The Beginning & Beyond

Continental Drifters

Drifted: In The Beginning & Beyond

Release date: July 17, 2015


2-CD set with ratities and previously unissued material!

Born in Los Angeles in the early 1990s via a residency of week after week jam sessions at a dive club called Raji’s—then relocating to New Orleans—the band’s trajectory lasted about a decade and ended when Hurricane Katrina demolished their homes and the band members scattered.

Key members included Vicki Peterson (Bangles), Susan Cowsill (The Cowsills), Peter Holsapple (The dBs, R.E.M.), and many more—including the only member who has been with them from the beginning, Mark Walton (Giant Sand, The Dream Syndicate). However, there were also several singer/songwriters (Carlo Nuccio, Gary Eaton, Ray Ganucheau) without an impressive pedigree that shine as brightly as their slightly more famous bandmates. That’s the magic that we’ve captured on Disc One of this set with the band’s earliest recordings—many previously unissued, others that only appeared briefly on a German only album.

The best possible comparison that we can make is that the Continental Drifters had a similar vibe to the classic roots combo Delaney & Bonnie & Friends—more of a “collective’ than a band—in which there were several distinctly original lead singers, blistering sidemen instrumentalists and an inspiring blend of both original and seminal cover songs with a southern fried blue-eyed soul approach that couldn’t be beat.

Disc Two is an incredible treat for not only the band’s handful of hardcore fans, but for fans of classic roots music in general; from live sets, tribute albums (Gram Parsons, The Hollies) and the rare 2001 European only EP Listen Listen, their valentine to Fairport Convention’s Sandy Denny and Richard Thompson, as well as other unheard treasures.

Drifted: In The Beginning & Beyond (re)-introduces the Continental Drifters, explores their influence and magnitude, and fills in the gaps of their expansive career. Informative notes from Scott Schinder help tell the story with interviews from band members. It is a trip well worth taking.


    CD / Digital Track List:
    Disc 1:

    1. Who We Are, Where We Live (Early Version)*
    2. Side Steppin’ The Fire
    3. The Mississippi
    4. Match Made In Heaven
    5. Karen A (Demo)*
    6. The Rain Song (Early Version)*
    7. Dallas (Alternate Mix)*
    8. Here I Am
    9. Mr. Everything (Alternate Mix)*
    10. No One Cares
    11. Green (Demo)*
    12. I Didn’t Want To Lie
    13. Invisible Boyfriend
    14. New York (Demo)*
    15. Let It Ride
      Disc 2:

    1. You Don’t Miss Your Water (Live)*
    2. Crescent City (Live)*
    3. A Song For You
    4. Tighter, Tighter (Demo)*
    5. I Can’t Let Go
    6. Some Of Shelly’s Blues (Campfire Mix)*
    7. When You Dance I Can Really Love
    8. Turn Back The Hands Of Time (Live)*
    9. Farmer’s Daughter (Live)*
    10. Dedicated To The One I Love (Live)*
    11. At The End Of The Day (Live)*
    12. Listen, Listen
    13. I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
    14. The Poor Ditching Boy
    15. You’re Gonna Need Somebody
    16. I’m A Dreamer
    17. Matty Groves
    18. Meet On The Ledge (Studio Version)
      * Previously unissued.

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