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NRBQ — High Noon – A 50-Year Retrospective (Update)

NRBQ — High Noon – A 50-Year Retrospective (Update)


High Noon – A 50-Year Retrospective (Update)

Release date: April 22, 2017


The Q on wax!

Everybody loves NRBQ. Even if they don’t know it. Last year’s High Noon — A 50-Year Retrospective boxed set was adored by fans and critics alike, and served as an introduction to new fans in, er—queue to discover more. Now, in a special vinyl release, the 5-CD collection has been distilled down to a double LP, with some surprises…

High Noon — A 50-Year Retrospective (Update) is a special distillation of the CD boxed set and was originally assembled for Record Store Day 2017. Complied by arQive 50 Research and Grammy® winning producer Cheryl Pawelski, it’s full of highlights and rarities from the group’s five-decade career. Plus, a previously unissued, live take of “Keep This Love Goin’” makes its first appearance anywhere.

The double album is packaged in a full-color gatefold, with photos from throughout the band’s history, plus a download card. High Noon — A 50-Year Retrospective (Update) is a perfect primer for the uninitiated, a necessity for the faithful, and another way for everybody to experience the magic that is NRBQ!

Long Live NRBQ!


    2-LP Track List:
    Side 1:

  1. Rocket Number 9
  2. Flat Foot Flewzy
  3. Barbara Carr
  4. Don’t She Look Good
  5. Fergie’s Prayer
  6. C’mon Everybody
  7. Down In My Heart
    Side 2:

  1. Captain Lou – NRBQ with Lou Albano
  2. One Big Parking Lot
  3. I Don’t Think Of…
  4. Me And The Boys
  5. Ridin’ In My Car
  6. Feel You Around Me
    Side 3:

  1. Over Your Head
  2. Dummy
  3. Love Is Waiting
  4. Wacky Tobacky
  5. Beverly
  6. I’d Like To Know
  7. Terry Got A Muffin
    Side 4:

  1. Sweet And Petite
  2. Let Go
  3. Fightin’ Back
  4. Greetings From Delaware
  5. Keep This Love Goin’ (Live)*
  6. Ain’t It All Right
    * Previously unissued.

Cat: OV-213

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