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NRBQ — High Noon – A 50-Year Retrospective

NRBQ — High Noon – A 50-Year Retrospective


High Noon – A 50-Year Retrospective

Release date: November 11, 2016


Everybody say yeah!

The first-ever career-spanning boxed set, produced and compiled to celebrate 50 years of the New Rhythm and Blues Quartet—NRBQ!

Founded in 1966 in Louisville, Kentucky, NRBQ has given their dedicated fan base decades of great recordings and exceptional live shows in countless festivals, clubs, colleges, and concert halls. No style of music is safe around NRBQ—their first Columbia album, for example, ranged from Eddie Cochran to Sun Ra and their own diverse compositions have been covered by artists including Bonnie Raitt, Dave Edmunds, She And Him, Steve Earle, Los Lobos, and Widespread Panic. There are very few bands that have lasted for half a century, and the list of those that are still at the top of their creative game is even smaller.

Their legendary live shows are programmed on the spot, drawing on their own classics (“Me And The Boys,” “RC Cola And A Moon Pie,” “Wacky Tobacky,” “Ridin’ In My Car,” “12 Bar Blues” and “Christmas Wish”) along with great new material and countless other surprises. Their fans include Keith Richards, Wilco, The Replacements, Elvis Costello, R.E.M., and Bob Dylan among others and their songs have been featured on The Simpsons, Weeds, and Wilfred.

With more than 30 albums recorded, they have proven themselves to be peerless musicians, songwriters and performers. So to celebrate NRBQ, Omnivore Recordings is proud to present High Noon: A 50-Year Retrospective consisting of five CDs of hits, rarities, concert staples and previously unissued gems (106 songs in all), all lovingly remastered, alongside extensive booklet notes and many previously unseen photos.

After so many years of brilliant, unpredictable, joyfully exciting musical explorations on stage and in the studio, it’s time to honor NRBQ. Fifty years of celebrating is worth celebrating!


    5-CD Boxed Set Track List:
    Disc 1:

  1. Love In Outer Space*
  2. Never Cop Out (Live)
  3. Waitin’ On My Sweetie Pie
  4. Ruby, My Dear
  5. I’d Like To Know
  6. Boozoo And Leona (Live)*
  7. I’m Alone
  8. Can’t Wait To Kiss You
  9. Everybody Say Yeah!
  10. In Every Dream
  11. Here I Am
  12. The Animal Life
  13. Getting To Know You
  14. Talk
  15. Snowfall (Live)
  16. Keep This Love Goin’
  17. Fightin’ Back
  18. Let Go (Live)*
  19. Dutchess County Jail – Terry Adams & Steve Ferguson
    Disc 2:

  1. Ain’t It All Right
  2. Rocket Number 9
  3. Tina
  4. I Say Gooday Goodnite
  5. Down In My Heart
  6. Have You Heard
  7. Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard (Live)
  8. Get On The Right Track Baby (Live)*
  9. You Move So Fast (Live)
  10. Flat Foot Flewzy
  11. You Got Me Goin’
  12. On The Farm
  13. You Can’t Hide
  14. Step Aside (Live)
  15. Benellie*
  16. I Feel Good (Live)*
  17. Fergie’s Prayer
  18. C’mon Everybody
  19. Stomp
  20. Stay With We
  21. Heartbreaker (1966 Home Recording)*
  22. The Waiting Song – The Seven Of Us*
  23. We Are Brothers (Live)*
    Disc 3:

  1. That’s Neat, That’s Nice
  2. Green Lights
  3. Help Me Somebody
  4. Only You
  5. This Old House
  6. Ridin’ In My Car
  7. Things To You
  8. Do You Feel It?
  9. Howard Johnson Got His Ho-Jo Workin’
  10. Electric Train
  11. Magnet
  12. Honey Hush (Live)*
  13. Get That Gasoline Blues (Unedited Single Version)
  14. It’s Not Too Late*
  15. It Feels Good
  16. Still In School
  17. Be My Woman Tonight (Live)*
  18. RC Cola And A Moon Pie (Single Version)
  19. Get Rhythm
  20. You And I And George
  21. It’s Not So Hard
    Disc 4:

  1. Captain Lou – NRBQ with Lou Albano
  2. Me And The Boys
  3. Talk To Me
  4. I Love Her, She Loves Me
  5. Smackaroo (Instrumental)
  6. This Love Is True
  7. Feel You Around Me
  8. Crazy Like A Fox (Live)
  9. Rain At The Drive-In
  10. S’posin’ (Live)
  11. Wacky Tobacky
  12. The One And Only
  13. How Can I Make You Love Me
  14. I Got A Rocket In My Pocket (Live)
  15. Boy’s Life
  16. Never Take The Place Of You
  17. Want You To Feel Good Too
  18. I Want You Bad
  19. She Got The House (Live)*
  20. 12 Bar Blues
  21. My Girlfriend’s Pretty
  22. Christmas Wish
    Disc 5:

  1. Little Floater
  2. Sail On Sail On
  3. Next Stop Brattleboro
  4. What You Mean To Me
  5. If I Don’t Have You
  6. One Big Parking Lot
  7. Love Came To Me
  8. Dummy
  9. Terry Got A Muffin
  10. It’s St. Patrick’s Day
  11. 21-50 To Headquarters
  12. Do The Primal Thing
  13. Goodbye
  14. Puddin’ Truck
  15. Ain’t No Horse
  16. Blame It On The World
  17. Imaginary Radio
  18. Always Safety First
  19. Advice For Teenagers
  20. Paris (Live)*
  21. See You Soon
    * Previously unissued.
    Due to licensing restrictions we are unable to offer High Noon: A 50-Year Retrospective Digitally. However, we do have a highlights collection available that contains some unique tracks High Noon: Highlights & Rarities From 50 Years.

Cat: OV-190

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