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Sandra Rhodes In March

January 21, 2014

Sandra Rhodes In March!


Sandra Rhodes - Artist Image


You know our goal is to bring you great music.

Sometimes, it’s records/artists you know, sometimes it’s music from artists you didn’t know existed, and sometimes it’s a new discovery altogether. Or other times, we’re giving a fantastic record a second chance. March has quite a few of those, with The Cold Of The Morning from Sid Selvidge, Worlds Around The Sun by Bayeté (Todd Cochran), and now Where’s Your Love Been from Sandra Rhodes, three albums from over 40 years ago, which never had a chance to truly find a wide audience. We’d like to correct that.

Sandra’s career began early, and she experienced success as a songwriter, as well as a backing vocalist, performing on Al Green’s classic Hi Records sides. Where’s Your Love Been was released in 1972, and it never had a chance to find its fan base. That will change on March 18.