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Permanent Green Light — Hallucinations

Permanent Green Light — Hallucinations

Permanent Green Light


Release date: October 19, 2018


First ever compilation of ’90s cult favorites. Featuring tracks from long out-of-print indie releases, plus three previously unissued demos.

After Michael Quercio’s ’80s renowned Paisley Underground band, The Three O’Clock, folded, he found himself seeking new musical adventures in a new decade. Born out of Los Angeles’ Jabberjaw (now defunct all ages coffeehouse/music venue) scene in 1991, Quercio partnered with local musicians—guitarist/songwriter and Big Star-acolyte Matt Devine and drummer Chris Bruckner—and ventured into a ’90s music world that had devolved into flannel uniforms and corporate grunge formulas. Permanent Green Light’s psychedelic pop sound, Live At Leeds stage show, and colorful lyrics about drag queens, 19th century aesthetes, and grotesque social scenes really didn’t stand a chance. Or, did it?

Permanent Green Light soon found itself with their self-financed demo at the top of Rodney Bingenheimer’s request lists, as a CMJ pick, and playing gigs with fellow travelers like Redd Kross, Teenage Fanclub, and The Muffs. 

Upon the band’s disintegration, all that was left behind were a handful of independent releases and a slew of devoted fans who can remember a time when they had no worries. For the first time ever, the best of Permanent Green Light’s various hot rocks & fazed cookies have been collected for release as Hallucinations. Is the world ready now?

Remastered from the original master tapes and featuring the cult favorites “(You & I Are The) Summertime,” “We Could Just Die,” and “Portmanteau,” Hallucinations also presents three raw 4-track cassette demos that reveal the band in a different light. Liner notes written by reissue producer Pat Thomas provide an oral history based on interviews with the band, peers, friends, and fans. The packaging contains rare photos and ephemera—every step produced in conjunction with the band.

Experience Hallucinations from Permanent Green Light. The music world’s light will never turn yellow or red again.


    CD / Digital Track List:

  1. (You & I Are The) Summertime
  2. We Could Just Die
  3. The Goddess Bunny
  4. The Truth This Time
  5. Street Love
  6. Wintertime’s A-Comin’, Martha Raye
  7. Ballad Of Paul K.
  8. Lovely To Love Me (4-Track Demo)*
  9. Honestly
  10. Portmanteau
  11. Marianne Gave Up Her Hand
  12. Fireman
  13. (You & I Are The) Summertime (4-Track Demo)*
  14. Street Love (4-Track Demo)*
  15. All For You
  16. From A Current Issue Of Sassy Magazine
    * Previously unissued.

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