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Game Theory — Distortion

Game Theory — Distortion

Game Theory


Release date: November 28, 2014


30th anniversary reissue of Game Theory’s second EP!

Game Theory followed up their debut album, Blaze Of Glory with a pair of EPs—1983’s Pointed Accounts Of People You Know and the following year’s Distortion. Omnivore is pleased to present the next two pieces of the Game Theory puzzle with collectable, one-time only, translucent green vinyl 10″ pressings of these landmark releases.

Distortion contains five tracks, including Game Theory staples “Shark Pretty” and “Nine Lives To Rigel Five.” Lead guitar was provided by David Bowie’s then axe man Earl Slick, credited on the original release as Ernie Smith for contractual reasons.

Produced by The Three O’Clock’s Michael Quercio, Distortion showed another musical growth, as Game Theory moved toward the sound they would refine on later releases like Real Nighttime and Lolita Nation (reissues of which are on the horizon for 2015.) Tracks will also be featured on the CD reissue of the French compilation Dead Center (also available on the same date).

Distortion will only see its full reissue as this one-time pressing of 1,500 units for Record Store Day Black Friday. It is destined to be a highly sought-after piece, and is a vital addition to any collection.


    10″ EP Track List:
    Side 1:

  1. Shark Pretty
  2. Nine Lives To Rigel Five
  3. The Red Baron
    Side 2:

  1. Kid Convenience
  2. Too Late For Tears

Cat: OV-102

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