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Soul Asylum — The Twin/Tone Years

Soul Asylum — The Twin/Tone Years

Soul Asylum

The Twin/Tone Years

Release date: November 23, 2018



5-LP boxed set traces the history of the band through their indie, pre-major label years.

Soul Asylum first hit the Minneapolis music scene in early 1981. Core members Dave Pirner, Dan Murphy, and Karl Mueller met at local punk rock shows. Coming up in the shadow of formidable bands like Hüsker Dü and The Replacements, show they were all big fans of, was daunting but, ultimately, it inspired them to make a name for themselves. Soul Asylum stood out immediately because of their work ethic and smart, punky hard rock sound. They made four records for hometown label, Twin/Tone Records, before moving on to the majors; first A&M, then Columbia where they scored two platinum albums and won a Best Rock Song Grammy® for “Runaway Train.”

This special five-LP boxed set brings together Soul Asylum’s earliest albums (Say What You Will… Anything Can Happen, Made To Be Broken, and While You Were Out), their classic EP (Clam Dip & Other Delights), and the bonus track compilation and special new album (Twin/Tone Extras), a compilation that picks up select bonus tracks featured on the CD reissues of Soul Asylum’s Twin/Tone releases. The boxed set is co-produced by Twin/Tone Records co-founder and Replacements manager, Peter Jesperson and Grammy®-winner and Omnivore Recordings co-founder, Cheryl Pawelski. The Twin/Tone Years reaches back for some of the earliest Soul Asylum recordings as Loud Fast Rules and traces the history of the band through their indie, pre-major label years. A 20-page book is included with liner notes and previously unseen photos and memorabilia. The albums are being reissued on vinyl for the first time since their original releases, and have been restored and mastered by Grammy®-award winning engineer, Michael Graves at Osiris Studio and cut by Chris Muth at Taloowa.


    5-LP Boxed Set Track List:
    Say What You Will… Everything Can Happen Side 1:

  1. Long Day
  2. Voodoo Doll
  3. Money Talks
  4. Stranger
  5. Sick Of That Song
    Say What You Will… Everything Can Happen Side 2:

  1. Walking
  2. Happy
  3. Black And Blue
  4. Religiavision


    Made To Be Broken Side 1:

  1. Tied To The Tracks
  2. Ship Of Fools
  3. Can’t Go Back
  4. Another World, Another Day
  5. Made To Be Broken
  6. Never Really Been
    Made To Be Broken Side 2:

  1. Whoa!
  2. New Feelings
  3. Growing Pain
  4. Lone Rider
  5. Ain’t That Tough
  6. Don’t It (Make Your Troubles Seem Small)


    While You Were Out Side 1:

  1. Freaks
  2. Carry On
  3. No Man’s Land
  4. Crashing Down
  5. The Judge
  6. Sun Don’t Shine
    While You Were Out Side 2:

  1. Closer To The Stars
  2. Never Too Soon
  3. Miracle Mile
  4. Lap Of Luxury
  5. Passing Sad Daydream


    Clam Dip & Other Delights Side 1:

  1. Just Plain Evil
  2. Chains
  3. Secret No More
  4. Move Over
  5. P-9
  6. Juke Box Hero
    Clam Dip & Other Delights Side 2:

  1. Artificial Heart
  2. Take It To The Root
  3. Saving Grace
  4. Forever And A Day
  5. There It Goes
  6. Artificial Heart (Demo)


    Twin/Tone Extras Side 1:

  1. Black And Blue (Demo) – Loud Fast Rules
  2. Cocktails (Demo) – Loud Fast Rules
  3. Propaganda – Loud Fast Rules
  4. Bad Moon Rising – Proud Crass Fools
  5. Happy – Proud Crass Fools
  6. Long Way Home
  7. Another World, Another Day (Alternate Version)
  8. Swingin’
    Twin/Tone Extras Side 2:

  1. Can’t Go Back (Alternate Version)
  2. Catch Me If You Can
  3. Song Of The Terrorist
  4. To Go There
  5. 20 Year Itch
  6. Lost In Your Face
  7. Ramblin’ Rose
    LPs in this set do not include download cards

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