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What’s in Store for Record Store Day 2011?

March 3, 2011

What’s in Store for Record Store Day 2011?

Our first two releases, that’s what! First stop? Memphis, of course!

We’ve got a brand new pressing of Big Star’s Third on 180gm vinyl! This is the Test Pressing Edition that commemorates the original 14-song version of this album among albums and comes stuffed with replicas of the studio tracking sheets and lead sheets. This limited edition has been cut from the original assembly reel, on the same lathe at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis and by the very same engineers who cut it the first time, Mr. Larry Nix and Mr. John Fry! Pressed on high quality vinyl at RTI, this should be the definitive version of this album.

Randomly inserted into this limited edition run (1,000 for the US, 1,000 for Europe) will be five copies of the original test pressing from ’75 courtesy of Big Star’s Jody Stephens—signed by Jody, Larry Nix and John Fry of Ardent Records. You KNOW how hard these are to come by! All we ask, is that if you’re one of the lucky five to find an original in your package, please send us a picture of it, or of you and it, or of it and your favorite stuffed animal. We’ll post the photo on our Big Star page so you have bragging rights and we know they’ve each landed in a happy, loving home.

Second stop—swing west to Bakersfield!

Next up, we have a super rarity 7″ on yellow vinyl! It’s Buck Owens with a previously unreleased early version of “Close Up The Honky Tonks.” This is the first time this version has appeared anywhere! The flip is the equally awesome early version of “My Heart Skips A Beat.” Recorded at Capitol Studios in early 1964 and early 1963 respectively, these are prime-time Buck rarities, both produced by the great Ken Nelson. Grab it while you can—we’re making 1,000 for the US and 300 for Europe.

So get thyself to your nearest record store on the 16th of April for Record Store Day!