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June 12, 2013

Summer News!


Summer News Post


How does that song go? “Summertime, and the listenin’ is easy?” Whatever the words are, we here at the Omnivore Head Table have made sure we’ve got you covered for every conceivable situation. June finds us in a power pop mode with the CD/Digital/Standard black vinyl release of our acclaimed Big Star documentary soundtrack, Nothing Can Hurt Me. We’ve even got a glow-in-the dark Big Star slipmat to put underneath! Add in The Three O’Clock’s The Hidden World Revealed on CD/Digital and the paisley sun shines bright.

July puts us in the Country with a heapin’ helping of Buckaroos. Don Rich’s That Fiddlin’ Man appears on CD/Digital for the first time (with ten bonus tracks!). And from The Buckaroos, The Buckaroos Play Buck & Merle which gathers two of their great instrumental albums (1965’s The Buck Owens Songbook and 1971’s The Songs Of Merle Haggard) together on one CD/Digital, complete with all the lyrics so you can sing along!

August brings the groove as we take you to The South Side Of Soul Street: The Minaret Soul Singles 1967-1976. 40 classic Southern soul sides on CD/Digital guaranteed to keep things hot.

There you have it, the Omnivore Summer meal plan. And coming your way after Summer we’ve got things planned guaranteed to make you Fall over!