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Let The Fun Begin

August 1, 2013

Let The Fun Begin!



We’ve got so many new releases coming in the fall, it’s time to start sharing. Lots of folks have been asking about the Old 97′s & Waylon Jennings sold out Record Store Day double 7″. So we’re issuing it as a CD & Digital E.P., adding two more Old 97′s demos and letting it loose back out into the world! One of the added demos is a cover of the Magnetic Fields song, “Born On A Train!”

Also on the way is the original soundtrack to the motion picture, CBGB. The movie and giant music festival in NYC will be hitting in early October and our soundtrack will be right in the middle of the whole mess. The CD and double LP (first pressing on translucent pink vinyl) features tracks from bands that inspired the New York punk scene like The Velvet Underground, MC5, and The Stooges to the bands that grew out of the legendary scene like Talking Heads, Television, Blondie, and Dead Boys.