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Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks — Orange Crate Instrumentals

Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks — Orange Crate Instrumentals

Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks

Orange Crate Instrumentals

Release date: November 27, 2020


Instrumental tracks from the 2-CD reissue of Orange Crate Art making their vinyl debut.

In 1966, when Brian Wilson prepared the follow up to his masterpiece Pet Sounds, he employed the services of Mississippi born Van Dyke Parks as lyricist for The Beach Boys next album, SMiLE. As history would soon document, SMiLE became the most famous unreleased album in rock history, it’s “completion” not seeing daylight until a Grammy®-award winning box set in 2012. SMiLE’s original plan was to incorporate many different elements of American music in an avant-garde fashion, its musical format leaps and bounds ahead of anything that existed contemporaneously.

As SMiLE quickly grew in legendary terms, Brian and Van Dyke each went their separate musical ways, only to reunite briefly in 1972 for The Beach Boys classic “Sail On Sailor.” So it was perhaps with great apprehension and excitement that these two musical giants should finally reunite in 1994 for some unfinished business. This time, however, the mission would be complete. The musical terrain familiar… a paeon to California… Omnivore Recordings announced the release of the 25th anniversary special edition of Orange Crate Art by Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks as a 2-CD set, with the original album (plus 3 bonus tracks) on vinyl for the very first time for May of 2002.

The deluxe CD package also contained instrumental track versions of 11 of the album’s songs. For Record Store Day Black Friday, Omnivore presents those tracks on vinyl in a limited edition pressing. It’s one chance to complete the full Orange Crate Art experience on LP. Pressed on black vinyl with new artwork, it’s the perfect companion to the 2-LP version of the vocal tracks.

Orange Crate Art… before SMiLE… after SMiLE… it all makes sense now!


    LP Track List:
    Side 1:

  1. Orange Crate Art (Instrumental)
  2. Sail Away (Instrumental)
  3. My Hobo Heart (Instrumental)
  4. Wings Of A Dove (Instrumental)
  5. Palm Tree And Moon (Instrumental)
    Side 2:

  1. Summer In Monterey (Instrumental)
  2. San Francisco (Instrumental)
  3. Hold Back Time (Instrumental)
  4. My Jeanine (Instrumental)
  5. Movies Is Magic (Instrumental)
  6. This Town Goes Down At Sunset (Instrumental)

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