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RSD: Our Favorite Day Of The Year

April 21, 2012

RSD: Our Favorite Day Of The Year!

In fact, it’s tomorrow, Saturday, April 21st. Record Store Day means quite a bit to us here at Omnivore, as RSD 2011 saw our first releases hit the street—Big Star’s Third [Test Pressing Edition] and Buck Owens’ “Close Up The Honky Tonks” b/w “My Heart Skips A Beat.” Both sold out within hours, and we were both proud and grateful that we had put out releases people really dug. If you weren’t lucky enough to get one of the 1,300 Buck singles last year — we’re happy to announce that the tracks are now available digitally at the Omnivore shop, or wherever fine digital music is sold!

And Coming Tomorrow:

While we’re talking about Buck-don’t forget about our offerings for RSD 2012—tomorrow! The Buck Owens Coloring Book EP and The Knack Live In Los Angeles, 1978.

The Buck piece is an original, vintage coloring book from 1970. It is not a reprint. It will be available with either a red, white or blue flexi disc containing four live tracks and a handy dandy download card to get the files digitally.

The Knack Live In Los Angeles, 1978 is a red and yellow splattered, 10″ EP with two tracks on the a-side—“Let Me Out” and “My Sharona.” But, the real gems may be on the flip—two performances taken from a 1978 rehearsal—“Art War” and “Romeo Eyes” (a song that has never been heard before!)

Make sure to check the Record Store Day website to find a participating store near you.