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Get More Knack, Buck, and Ernie Too

April 25, 2012

Get More Knack, Buck, and Ernie Too!

We hope everyone had a great Record Store Day!

This was our second one, and it went swimmingly with Buck Owens Coloring Book EP and The Knack Live In Los Angeles, 1978 10″ selling out across the country. Thank you all for your support. And, just so you understand the method to our madness, those titles we picked for RSD were not random at all.

Coming May 22, Omnivore is pleased to release The Knack Havin’ A Rave-Up! Live In Los Angeles, 1978 on CD and Digital. Yes, the a-side of the RSD 10″ was just a primer. Those two tracks will be joined by 12 more on this “official bootleg,” taken from the personal archives of The Knack’s late frontman, Doug Fieger. Comprised of material from their first public gig ever, it features soon to be hits like “My Sharona” and “Good Girls Don’t”, but also Knack songs never released in any form including “Evil Lies” and “Here On This Lonely Night.” Transport yourself back in time to the Whisky a Go-Go and The Troubadour in the hot summer of ’78 and hear why every record label wanted to get The Knack!

June 19th brings a pair of releases. Buck Owens “Live” At The White House sees its first release on CD and Digital. The four tracks from the RSD Coloring Book EP find themselves back where they belong on this classic 1972 release. But, to make it even cooler, we’ve added 6 bonus tracks that have never been heard on planet Earth! When Apollo 16 launched 40 years ago this month, Buck and The Buckaroos recorded a 6 song set for the astronauts to listen to up in space. Omnivore is proud to release them for the first time, as bonus tracks on “Live” At The White House (…And In Space).

Altho on the 19th cometh a thepethial releath. Oopth, thorry. Visionary funnyman and entertainment pioneer Ernie Kovacs recorded an album as his beloved character, Percy Dovetonsils. The album was recorded in 1960, but never released. In our first collaboration with EdiAd Productions, Omnivore is proud to bring you Ernie Kovacs Presents Percy Dovetonsils… thpeaks on LP, CD and Digital. In addition, the CD contains 6 never before heard bonus tracks from the Kovacs Unlimited broadcasts. A thuper releath for thur! The first 1,000 copies of the LP will be on lovely, lavender vinyl (with a black vinyl run afterward) and will continua a download card for the entire album plus the bonus tracks from the CD.

Just a reminder that last year’s Buck Owens 7″ containing early versions of “Close Up The Honky Tonks”/”My Heart Skips A Beat” is now available digitally at the Omnivore webstore and wherever fine digital music is sold. Plus you can pre-order any of the releases above in our webstore!