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Old 97’s Made A Monster

July 26, 2012

Old 97’s Made A Monster


Old 97s - Too Far To Care Post

Fifteen years have flown by since the Old 97’s major label debut, Too Far To Care, first hit the shelves, and because this record is an Omnivore Recordings favorite, we decided to raise a ruckus for the anniversary in true Omnivore fashion. We expanded the original album to include four session outtakes to release as the first disc of the new 2-CD package. Then, when band gave us access to their pre-Too Far To Care demos, we put those all on Disc 2 of the new edition. Happy anniversary!

We’ve also cooked up a whole lotta special vinyl too. The original album plus the four session outtakes will be released as a double-LP (first time on vinyl!!!), with a first pressing limited-edition run of 1,500 on translucent aqua-blue vinyl. We’ll have standard black vinyl pressings after that. All the demos will also be released on as a stand-alone album called They Made A Monster: The Too Far To Care Demos on LP and Digital. The LP will start out life as a first pressing limited edition of 1,500 on translucent yellow vinyl (again, black thereafter). The demos album features a cover that shows alternate versions of the original album art. From the music to the artwork, this will be an entirely new take on Too Far To Care! Finally, if you’re a vinyl junkie like us, we’ll bundle the two LP releases together at a special price, available exclusively in our webstore.

The Old 97’s tour starts 8/23 in Houston and continues well into October (check specific dates on the Old 97′s gig list).

The Too Far To Care anniversary releases will be hitting stores and turntables, blowing up iPods and car stereos, on October 9. If that seems to far away, then be sure you pre-order now in the shop and sleep well at night.