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Happy Record Store Day [Updated]

June 6, 2011

Happy Record Store Day [Updated]

We just got back from making the rounds and had a great time at our local stores. They were rockin’ too—so great to see so many people out! We hope you got most of what you were looking for. We were pretty successful but still hunting a few things down—all part of the fun.

So far, one original Big Star test pressing has been found. Number 1 of 5 no less. And best of all, at a great record store, Ear X-tacy in Louisville, KY! Check out the Big Star artist page for more!

Update (4/17/11): Number 2 has been found in Seattle at Silver Platters!

Update (4/18/11): Number 5 found its way to Sydney! Title Film And Music to be specific.

Update (6/6/11): Number 3 has been found in Adelaide, South Australia at Mr V Music! Only one more copy floating around out there, where can it be?