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Steve Goodman — Santa Ana Winds

Steve Goodman — Santa Ana Winds

Steve Goodman

Santa Ana Winds

Release date: August 9, 2019


Steve Goodman’s final recordings, with 8 bonus tracks—6 previous unissued.

After the release of Affordable Art and the live collection Artistic Hair, fans feared they’d heard the last of their favorite troubadour. But, iconic singer/songwriter Steve Goodman’s drive and creativity never waivered. In the course of less than a week, he and his band (dubbed “The Amazing Eclectos”) created 10 tracks that were pure-Goodman: smart, tuneful, whimsical, and introspective. Sadly, Goodman succumbed to his long battle with leukemia in 1984 before Santa Ana Winds hit the shelves the following year. For fans, it was a welcome, yet melancholy epitaph.

Santa Ana Winds now returns in an expanded edition containing those original 10 tracks and 8 bonus tracks, 2 from the out of print 1994 anthology No Big Surprise, and 6 previously unissued recordings—both solo acoustic and full-band performances.

Packaging contains new liner notes from Lee Zimmerman and features interviews and remembrances from family, band members, and friends. Released in conjunction with the Goodman estate, unseen photos fill out the set which celebrates his genius in a way befitting an artist whose contributions to the music world can never be overstated.

With the addition of extra material, fans of Santa Ana Winds will find new reasons to love this release. For those just coming to Steve Goodman—be prepared to have a new favorite songwriter.


    CD Track List:

  1. Face On The Cutting Room Floor
  2. Telephone Answering Tape
  3. The One That Got Away
  4. Queen Of The Road
  5. Fourteen Days
  6. Hot Tub Refugee
  7. I Just Keep Falling In Love
  8. The Big Rock Candy Mountain
  9. Santa Ana Winds
  10. You Better Get It While You Can (The Ballad Of Carl Martin)
    Bonus Tracks:

  1. Telephone Answering Tape (Solo Acoustic)*
  2. Where’s The Party (Solo Acoustic)
  3. I Just Keep Falling In Love (Solo Acoustic)
  4. Homo Sapiens*
  5. Can’t Find My Heart (Solo Acoustic)*
  6. Still Trying To Care (Solo Acoustic)*
  7. Outside Of Nashville*
  8. Yellow Coat (Solo Acoustic)*
    * Previously unissued.

Cat: OV-344

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