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Old 97’s — Hitchhike To Rhome

Old 97’s — Hitchhike To Rhome

Old 97's

Hitchhike To Rhome

Release date: November 17, 2014


Old 97’s classic debut gets an expanded 20th Anniversary reissue!

The Old 97’s burst onto the alt-country scene in 1994 with their debut, Hitchhike To Rhome. To celebrate this anniversary, Omnivore Recordings is proud to reissue Hitchhike with an expanded release on 2-CD, Digital, and—for the first time—on double LP!

When band member, and set co-producer, Ken Bethea was revisiting the original tapes for this reissue, he discovered a whopping eight extra tracks cut at the album sessions—many of which the band hadn’t even remembered recording. It seemed the perfect time and place to bring those previously unissued songs to light and add the tracks from their first four song demo cassette to round out the early picture of the 97’s.

The 2-CD version of Hitchhike To Rhome contains the original album, coupled with a 2nd disc of those 12 rare and unreleased tracks, many mixed from the original multi-tracks for the first time by longtime Old 97’s engineer Rip Rowan. The double LP (limited edition first pressing on translucent orange vinyl) features the LP on 3 sides with 6 of the recently unearthed tracks on the 4th. Both formats include rare photos, memorabilia and notes from Bethea.

From the Too Far To Care reissue complete with demos, (also available separately on vinyl as They Made A Monster), to their sessions with the great Waylon Jennings, Omnivore continues to add to the Old 97’s legacy with this integral, early part of their history and catalog.

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    2-CD / Digital Track List:
    Disc 1:

  1. St. Ignatius
  2. 504
  3. Drowning In The Days
  4. Miss Molly
  5. Dancing With Tears
  6. 4 Leaf Clover
  7. Wish The Worst
  8. Old 97’s Theme
  9. Doreen
  10. Hands Off
  11. Mama Tried
  12. Stoned
  13. If My Heart Was A Car
  14. Desperate Times
  15. Ken’s Polka Thing
  16. Tupelo County Jail
    Disc 2:

  1. St. Ignatius (Demo Cassette Version)
  2. Drowning In The Days (Demo Cassette Version)
  3. Making Love With You (Demo Cassette Version)
  4. Stoned (Demo Cassette Version)
  5. Dancing With Tears (Demo)*
  6. Ivy (Demo)*
  7. Eyes For You*
  8. Crying Drunk*
  9. Victoria*
  10. Old 97’s Theme Spgeddi*
  11. Alright By Me*
  12. Desperate Times*
    * Previously unissued.


    2-LP Track List:
    Side 1:

  1. St. Ignatius
  2. 504
  3. Drowning In The Days
  4. Miss Molly
  5. Dancing With Tears
    Side 2:

  1. 4 Leaf Clover
  2. Wish The Worst
  3. Old 97’s Theme
  4. Doreen
  5. Hands Off
    Side 3:

  1. Mama Tried
  2. Stoned
  3. If My Heart Was A Car
  4. Desperate Times
  5. Ken’s Polka Thing
  6. Tupelo County Jail
    Side 4:

  1. Eyes For You*
  2. Crying Drunk*
  3. Victoria*
  4. Dancing With Tears (Demo)*
  5. Ivy (Demo)*
  6. Old 97’s Theme Spgeddi*
    * Previously unissued.

Cat: OV-104

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