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The Palace Guard — All Night Long: An Anthology 1965–1966

The Palace Guard — All Night Long: An Anthology 1965–1966

The Palace Guard

All Night Long: An Anthology 1965–1966

Release date: May 21, 2021


L.A. garage rock favorites from the 1960s

Hawthorne, California, may be known as the hometown of The Beach Boys, but another ‘60s band of renown originated from that city, as well. The Palace Guard only released 6 singles during their tenure, but their influence and legacy is undeniable.

Original members of the band included brothers Don, John and David Beaudoin, their roommate Mike Conley, drummer Emitt Rhodes, bass guitarist Rick Moser, and lead guitar¬ist Chuck McClung. The band signed to Orange-Empire Records after months of local gigging. Those recordings became some of the most sought after singles in history.

Even after Rhodes’ exit (for an acclaimed career with The Merry Go Round, and as a solo artist), “the Guard” (as their fans called them) carried on as the house band at the Hullaballoo Club in Los Angeles, even plying on Dick Clark’s Where The Action Is. They even backed Don Grady (“Robbie” from My Three Sons) on a classic, and hard-to-find release.

All Night Long: An Anthology collects all 12 sides of The Palace Guard’s output, remastered and restored by Grammy®-winner Michael Graves, presenting the band in the best sound ever available.

Packaging contains liner notes from Rick Moser explaining the history of the band. Additionally, with photos from his personal collection, as well as ephemera from the day, this is the complete Palace Guard story.

Instead of paying collectors’ prices for the original singles, enjoy them in pristine condition with All Night Long: An Anthology.


    CD / Digital Track List:

  1. All Night Long
  2. Playgirl
  3. A Girl You Can Depend On
  4. If You Need Me
  5. Falling Sugar
  6. Oh Blue (The Way I Feel Tonight)
  7. Saturday’s Child
  8. Party Lights
  9. Calliope
  10. Greed
  11. Little People – Don Grady and The Palace Guard
  12. Summertime Game – Don Grady and The Palace Guard

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