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  • Big Star - Complete Third Review Icon
    [Big Star's Complete Third] remains a harrowing listen more than 40 years on, a bleak testament to the joys and horrors of love and commitment.
    —Stephen Deusner, Uncut
  • Buck Owens Complete Singles Review Icon
    [Buck Owens'] The Complete Capitol Singles: 1957-1966 [is] a bountiful but easily digestible dive into the birth and growth of the innovative and enduring Bakersfield sound.
    —Joseph Neff, The Vinyl District
  • NRBQ - High Noon Review Icon
    NRBQ has long had a dedicated cult following, but High Noon should go a long way in introducing their singular brand of all-encompassing musical merriment to an even wider audience.
    —Joe Marchese, The Second Disc
  • Legal Matters - Conrad Review Icon
    [The Legal Matters' Conrad] secret weapon? Harmonies, in spades I might add, that are bound to conjure up the timbres of everyone from CS&Y to the Greenberry Woods.
    —Spavid, Wilfully Obscure
  • Tim Buckley - Wings Review Icon
    [Tim Buckley's Wings] shows Buckley's development from folk, to acid-folk, folk-jazz, folk-soul, to psychedelic folk-rock, taken to an emotional eleven
    —Amos Perrine, No Depression


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