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Malo — Latin Bugaloo: The Warner Bros. Singles

Malo — Latin Bugaloo: The Warner Bros. Singles


Latin Bugaloo: The Warner Bros. Singles

Release date: May 25, 2018



All 14 A- & B-Sides from Malo’s Warner Bros. single releases, remastered from original single masters.

“Malo was pretty much a jam,” Jorge Santana laughs. “Just a lot of natural energy. But it had to be structured to an arrangement.”

The legendary and pioneering Bay Area band, Malo found inspiration in its Latin roots while mixing it with rock, blues, funk and jazz creating a musical stew that was augmented by a horn section. At the time, horn sections were popular in rock bands like Blood, Sweat And Tears, Chicago, and Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Malo joined other California bands at the time, like War and Tower Of Power, in adding a brass section. “The new band had elements of the Latin rock sound thriving a few hundred miles south in Los Angeles, but Malo had something that set it apart from established groups like Thee Midniters and El Chicano. ‘We had Latin percussion and we had a horn section,’ Santana notes.”

Drawn from their four long players, a series of singles were issued for radio airplay, the first of which, “Sauvecito” was to be their biggest hit and has been called “The Chicano National Anthem.” All fourteen A- and B-sides are gathered here on Latin Bugaloo: The Warner Bros. Singles for the first time, including a single that was previously reported as having been assembled but never issued. That single, including the songs, “Pana” backed with “Just Say Goodbye” was in fact released, but only in Turkey.

Because the length of Malo’s album cuts could at times stretch to the near 10-minute mark, all the tracks selected for 7″ release were edited for the format. Those edits appear here so Malo fans can hear the songs the way they originally heard them on the radio!


    CD Track List:

  1. Suavecito
  2. Nena
  3. Café
  4. Peace
  5. Just Say Goodbye
  6. Pana
  7. I’m For Real
  8. Oye Mamá
  9. Latin Bugaloo
  10. Midnight Thoughts
  11. I Don’t Know
  12. Merengue
  13. Love Will Survive
  14. Think About Love

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