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Yum-Yum — Dan Loves Patti

Yum-Yum — Dan Loves Patti


Dan Loves Patti

Release date: November 2, 2018


Expanded reissue of the 1996 psychedelic-pop masterpiece.

If you’ve seen Paul McCartney over the past nine years, you’ve seen Chris Holmes. He’s been the DJ spinning records pre-show for nearly a decade now. But his story starts much earlier.

After his “space rock” band Sabalon Glitz scored a spot on the bill at Lollapalooza in 1995, they became part of the “alternative” bidding war scene in Chicago, and caught the ear of former Atlantic Records Vice President John Rubeli. But, a different muse was calling Holmes. He wanted to make music that reflected his love of AM radio.

Recording under the name Yum-Yum (an homage to songs like “Sugar Sugar” and bands like 1910 Fruitgum Company), a cassette of bedroom demos moved Rubeli to sign Holmes to a deal on the new Atlantic imprint TAG Records. The result was 1996’s glorious Dan Loves Patti, a slice of pop perfection, featuring stings, brass, Melllotron and Chamberlin, as well as lush harmonies and hook-laden songs. But as happens in the music industry, a regime change shuttered TAG, and the album was swallowed up into Atlantic. The lack of attention and promotion saw the album fade from view.

Omnivore, in conjunction with Holmes, is proud to bring Dan Loves Patti back, this time better than ever. The original album’s newly remastered 12 tracks are enhanced by 10 bonus tracks—4 rare U.K. B-sides (including covers of Prince, The Ronnetts, and even The Muppet Movie classic, “Rainbow Connection”), as well as 6 previously unissued demos. Packaging contains unseen photos, rare ephemera, and an essay from former MTV Executive Vice President Erik Flannigan.

To paraphrase Brian Wilson, perhaps Dan Loves Patti just wasn’t made for those times. The time for it is now.


    CD Track List:
    Disc 1:

  1. I’m Not Telling
  2. Apiary
  3. Dan Loves Patti
  4. Doot-Doot
  5. Train Of Thought
  6. Sister
  7. Cross My Heart
  8. Ring
  9. Jealous Of The Stars
  10. Uneasy
  11. Words Will Fail
  12. Lament
    Bonus Tracks:

  1. When You Were Mine
  2. Baby, I Love You
  3. Rainbow Connection
  4. Uneasy (Fuzz Mix)
  5. Holding Out For Love (Demo)*
  6. Summertime (Demo)*
  7. I Took Advantage of The Spring (Demo)*
  8. Automatic Blues (Demo)*
  9. Magic Back In Our Lives (Demo)*
  10. Teaching The Mockingbird To Sing (Demo)*
    * Previously unissued.

Cat: OV-297

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