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Dutch Cramblitt

Dutch Cramblitt
Photo by Greg Allen

For the past #@*%! years, Dutch has worked with and sold some of the most interesting and successful acts in music. Before co-founding Omnivore Recordings, he worked as VP of Sales for Nettwerk Entertainment, Rhino Entertainment and held various sales roles at WEA Distribution. Prior to that run of gigs, he held sales positions at Hollywood Records, EMI, SBK and Capitol. This guy’s got some rockin’ experience to draw upon—and that’s why he’s with Omnivore now! Like all great record folk, Dutch started out on retail record store floors, and worked his way up to purchasing for a one stop, developing a keen insight into what people actually like to buy when it comes to music. Way out in the deserts of Arizona he helped Zia Records get off the ground and worked at the legendary Ircles Records to boot.

Poison’s Look What The Cat Dragged In, Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby,” and releases by Wilson Phillips, Arrested Development, Slaughter, SheDaisy, Rascal Flatts, Aaron Tippin, the Jersey Boys cast album, the George Harrison all-star concert tribute album Concert For George, Eric Clapton’s Crossroads DVDs, Led Zeppelin’s Mothership, Frank Sinatra’s Nothing But The Best, and the Grateful Dead’s From The Cradle.

Dutch sold scores of projects that earned Gold and Platinum certifications. He helped create the plan to get The Doors Best Of The Doors certified Diamond (sales level of 10 million!) and he was responsible for sales on Rhino’s only number one album ever, the soundtrack to Juno.

A promotional 6-CD compilation called, Mo’s Songs of all the hits released during the tenure of Mo Ostin at Warner Bros., a promotional 4-track 12″ of songs from the film Renaldo And Clara, and the promotional package for U2’s Pop which is a CD inside a mirror disco ball!