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Lee Lodyga

Lee Lodyga
Photo by Greg Allen

Grammy®-winning producer, Lee Lodyga learned to read from his stack of 45 r.p.m. singles, there was little doubt “Captain” Lee would end up being involved with records. “Working” at the local Camelot Music for promos and posters gave way to a real job there at 16, with Lee eventually managing 5 record stores (both mom & pop and big box retailers) across the state of Indiana. A move to Los Angeles at the end of the century landed him a marketing position at EMI-Capitol, working on campaigns for The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys, and Pink Floyd, among others. Then came the jump to Catalog A&R. Through his work with EMI-Capitol, Universal, and Rhino, Lee has produced reissues for artists including The Knack, Missing Persons, Lone Justice, Maria McKee, Helmet, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and General Public. He has also contributed liner notes to packages from Soul Asylum, John Hiatt, Material Issue, Asia, Wes Montgomery, Hugh Masekela, and more. He is a 15 year member of The Recording Academy, and a lifelong member of The Clean Plate Club.

The Knack catalog (from 2002 to today!), compiling and curating United Airlines’ Beatles channel, discovering the magic of Judee Sill while working on the Rhino Handmade reissues, suggesting the “backward” 4th side for Omnivore’s Key Lime Pie LP (one of my all-time favorite albums).

Grammy® Award for Mister Rogers It’s Such A Good Feeling: The Best Of Mister Rogers.

Among many, an Armed Forces Radio pressing for Emitt Rhodes’ The American Dream, both advance promo and manufactured copies of the withdrawn Raspberries Greatest Hits from 2000, a signed original 3’x3′ promotional poster for The Knack’s Round Trip, a Raymond Scott’s Drawing Room microgroove 10″ and the XTC Collectors Figure Series Vol. 1 (#49 of 200).