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  • The Garden Spot Programs, 1950
    [Hank Williams, The Garden Spot Programs, 1950] The sound quality's astonishingly good . . . on a par with his studio recordings. —Colin Escott, USA Today
  • Jaco Pastorius
    Jaco Pastorius' sound, and facility, take you on a trip that is totally new and fresh. This is punk at its best, and the attitude and edge is pure. —Robert Trujillo, Metallica
  • The Cold Of The Morning
    [Sid Selvidge's The Cold Of The Morning is] a great lost masterpiece, now found again, and sounding better than ever. —Cait Brennan, Popshifter
  • Lone Justice
    Groundbreaking and without equal, Lone Justice was never better than on This Is Lone Justice. Essential. —James Mann, Ink19
  • Worlds Around The Sun
    [Todd Cochran's Worlds Around The Sun] Wow. And wow. And again, wow. And to think this wasn’t ever released [on CD] before. Insane. —Michael Doherty's Music Log