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Various Artists — Send I A Lion: A Nighthawk Reggae Joint

Various Artists — Send I A Lion: A Nighthawk Reggae Joint

Various Artists

Send I A Lion: A Nighthawk Reggae Joint

Release date: November 15, 2019


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First Nighthawk Records overview retrospective. Curated by original Nighthawk producer Leroy Jodie Pierson

Leroy Jodie Pierson started Nighthawk Records in 1974 with a series of classic blues compilations. By 1979 he had sold the label to Robert Schoenfeld and found himself in Kingston, Jamaica producing records for the label, now financed by Schoenfeld. Each had found their own calling, Pierson the more creative, and Schoenfeld, drawn more to the business side. Nighthawk went on to release albums by artists like Gladiators, Ethiopian, Junior Byles, Justin Hinds, Winston Jarrett, Itals, Ronnie Davis, and more.

Now for the first time, Pierson has retrospectively curated what serves as a best-of sampler of his work for Nighthawk. Send I A Lion: A Nighthawk Reggae Joint, brought to you by Leroy Jodie Pierson, this collection combines favorite tracks from the label’s acclaimed albums, to straggling non-LP tracks by The Mighty Diamonds, Morwells and Wailing Souls, including a previously unissued hotel room audition recording of The Mighty Diamonds, “4000 Years.”

“We had not contacted The Mighty Diamonds, they simply dropped by the hotel one night. Their lead singer, Tabby, brought a ragged box guitar with only four strings and began playing the chords of “4000 Years,” which they performed as an audition with Bunny Diamond providing rhythm played on the back of a phone book. We agreed to record the song with Roots Radics,” writes Pierson of the audition.

Pierson also adds photos from his personal collection and new liner notes.

Send I A Lion: A Nighthawk Reggae Joint brings together Nighthawk classic tracks by Justin Hinds And The Dominoes, Culture, Gladiators and more, with some choice rarities from the label to provide a window into Piersons’ productions in Kingston, as released on Nighthawk Records. Essential roots reggae listening!


    CD / 2-LP / Digital Track List:
    Disc 1:

  1. Calling Rastafari – Culture
  2. Bongo Red – Gladiators
  3. Weeping Eyes – Justin Hinds And The Dominoes
  4. I’m Ready – Ethiopian & Gladiators
  5. 4000 Years – The Mighty Diamonds
  6. Thanks And Praise – Junior Byles
  7. Bless Our Soul – Gladiators
  8. Harbor Shark – Wailing Souls
  9. Want More – Justin Hinds
  10. Train To Skaville – Ethiopian & His All Stars
  11. Young Lover – Morwells
  12. Serious Thing – Gladiators
  13. Babylon Broke Dung Me House – Winston Jarrett And The Righteous Flames
  14. Move On Oppressor – Ronnie Davis And Idren
  15. Dem A Payaka – Culture
  16. Straight On Rastafari – Ethiopian & His All Stars
  17. Streets Of Gold – Gladiators
  18. Bad Boy – Winston Jarrett And The Righteous Flames
  19. Travel With Love – Justin Hinds And The Dominoes
  20. 4000 Years (Audition)* – The Mighty Diamonds
    * Previously unissued.

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