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Jellyfish — Radio Jellfyish

Jellyfish — Radio Jellfyish


Radio Jellfyish

Release date: December 10, 2013


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Recorded live in Holland and Australia in 1993!

Imagine if real jellyfish had skeletons; they’re magical creatures, elusive and captivating on the outside, and these recordings would be the bones.

In their continuing expedition of Jellyfish—Omnivore Recordings is proud to release Radio Jellyfish, a 10 track collection of acoustic goodness. At the end of 1989, a television program called MTV Unplugged premiered. The premise was quite simple—artists performing their hits in minimal arrangements with acoustic instruments. It became a musical and cultural juggernaut.

That leads us to Radio Jellyfish. Ten tracks culled from two international radio stops; one in Holland, the other in Australia. The foursome plays tracks from both LPs, and naturally some covers. Even taken out of the studio, and away from the “stage”, the sound is unmistakably Jellyfish. It’s been well documented that the four members of the band could replicate the enormous sound of their albums through releases like Live At Bogart’s and a bevy of B-sides. But, apart from one track first released on the out-of-print Fan Club boxed set (and included here), acoustic Jellyfish—without a net—has not been explored. That’s nine previously unissued performances; tracks unheard since their international broadcast two decades ago.

In the complete opposite way Stack-a-Tracks showcased their studio prowess, and Live At Bogart’s put listeners in the club; Radio Jellyfish takes them to the bare essence of why this band is beloved. The voices. The songs. They’re there in the same way they have been in every other release, and in a way fans never heard them.

Tune in to Radio Jellyfish!


    LP Track List:
    Side 1:

  1. New Mistake
  2. She Still Loves Him
  3. I Can Hear The Grass Grow*
  4. Baby’s Coming Back
  5. The Man I Used To Be
    Side 2:

  1. Joining A Fan Club
  2. The King Is Half-Undressed
  3. The Ghost At Number One
  4. That Is Why
  5. No Matter What
    All tracks previously unissued, except *
    Due to licensing restrictions, the LP does not include a download card

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