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  • Allen Ginsberg - Reviews
    Even though it's raunchy in places, most of Allen Ginsberg's [The Last Word On First Blues] is still entertaining, and considering the current political climate, makes more sense than anything that's happening in that arena right now.
    —Grant Britt
  • Judy Henske - Jerry Yester - Reviews
    [Judy Henske & Jerry Yester] Taking in styles from baroque pop to rock and psychedelia, Farewell Aldebaran is in a class of its own.
    —Joe Marchese, The Second Disc
  • The Bangles - Reviews
    It's a drag to think that more of these recordings won't get released—and that The Bangles didn't continue in this vein for their entire career—because Ladies and Gentlemen... The Bangles! is outrageously fab and over too quickly.
  • The Muffs - Reviews
    [The Muffs, Blonder And Blonder] is just as badass as it was 20-plus years ago, but also includes a cornucopia of bonus material.
    —Troy Michael, Innocent Words
  • The Rave-Ups - Reviews
    [The Rave-Ups, Town + Country] We lost a lot when we lost them… and now we have ‘em back. Life is good.
    —Fred Mills, Blurt


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