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  • Carl Hall Review
    [Carl Hall, You Don’t Know Nothing About Love] A voice that simply must be heard to be believed.
    —Something Else!
  • Continental Drifters Review
    [Continental Drifters, Drifted: In The Beginning & Beyond] A loving tribute to a musical troupe that was a great big family, steeped in the great folk and rock songbooks of the second half of the 20th century.
    —The Green Man Review
  • The Dream Syndicate - Days Of Wine And Roses Review
    [The Dream Syndicate, The Days Of Wine And Roses] Their glorious ’82 debut... the sire of Pixies/Nirvana’s quiet-loud pop-noise dynamic.
  • The Knack - Rock 'n' Roll Fun House Review
    [The Knack,Live from the Rock ’n’ Roll Fun House] This is a superb rock and roll record, and the Knack were a superb rock 'n' roll band.
  • The Muffs Review
    [The Muffs, The Muffs]The energy of the music explodes out of the speakers from the outset.
    —Pittsburgh In Tune